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A'GACI is a well established store and lifestyle brand offering the latest in woman's fashion and style trends at affordable prices!


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I ordered for the first time ever from Toys R Us on-line. I placed my order on the 18th. They took my money on the 18th. As of today, 9/28/16 I still do not have my order. I have had to do the "ch...read more.

I ordered a Fall grab bag the other day, received it within 2 days. Shipping was very fast. One of the items I wasn't really by style so I contacted customer support to see if I could return/exchange....read more.

Read some mixed reviews but figured that's how it always is with every store, so decided to just give them a shot because I love their outfits on instagram. Cute clothes and I received my order! :) lo...read more.