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Last updated 1st October 2017

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Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker
By Anonymous on 18th July 2017
Order placed on June 25th, 2017 got the order confirmation. No updates for 2 weeks about order. Checked online status now it was saying back ordered. I emailed customer service received answer that we are receiving on June17th. On June 15th received email from the customer service that we are cancelling your order as that product will no longer be available. Very bad customer service no updates on orders. I request them to replace my item with different color item but no help or no answer from the customer service.
Backyard chicken coops
By Lovemyhens on 8th February 2015
This store offers a collection of backyard chicken coops but anyone who has ever kept chickens will tell you these provide the same quality housing as that commercial poultry operation you find disturbing. Not to mention that there is no place for volumes of excrement your hens will leave in the 5x5' "coop" or the trash they will make of the pristine lawn underneath. Ever heard the term "cooped up"? This is how it feels. Don't buy these pets-as-decor offerings if you love animals. Send your kids to 4H to learn more.

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