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Last updated 1st October 2017

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Wet Seal in Santa Fe New Mexico cashiers were so rude to a young, tired, mother
By Ali on 3rd January 2014
This evening, after a long day, I walked into Wet Seal at the mall. I was pushing my toddler in his stroller, and granted I may have looked a little harried,but I was going to be a paying customer (they were having a really good sale). As soon as I walked in, the two girls behind the counter stopped their gossip fest and just starred at me, no hellos or other verbal acknowledging of me as a customer. And then just a few moments later when another women walked in they both chimed their hi's. No help the entire time I was in the store, just weird stares followed by giggling. Ok, maybe my hair was in a pretty crazy, let's call it a messy bun. Maybe my outfit had been put together in a hurry, but really, is this the best help that store can get?.I may just be sensitive, and it could not that big of a deal, it did hurt my feelings and I will not be shopping there, even if they do have good sales.

Wet Seal

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