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Last updated 23rd June 2015

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Beyond Disappointed
By S. Soika on 3rd July 2014
Ordered a table from West Elm, June 18 and could not have been more excited. Was originally going to order a table from Prelora in Pittsburgh. Looking back, hmmmm may not have been a bad idea. As soon as I hit the button to pay my 800.00 bill, the misinformation started. I was told several different dates of delivery by different agents that work for West Elm or Pottery Barn. I had asked many times to speak to someone who knew what they were talking about or someone in a managerial position and the response was "no one knows more than me?" To my grave disappointment I finally received my table yesterday and one of the legs was a manufacturer defect. I do not live in the place where my table was being delivered and I had several important people coming to spend the weekend with me and my family. The deliver guys said "Well I guess we just have to take your table and they will send you a new one." I told them that my husband would fix the leg in the meantime and for whomever to send me a new leg. The customer service agent that the delivery man had me speak to was not apologetic and not helpful. I want some of my money back and the leg to my table delivered asap. No one even contacted me yesterday from any managerial position to address the situation. It's a shame that I will be furnishing my new home at a different establishment. Please be aware of the way that West Elm does business.

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