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Last updated 2nd September 2016

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Terrible Corporate Strategy!-I really wish there was an option for a negative star!
By Michelle Devasia on 26th April 2017
So, I don't normally write reviews, I just find it to be a complete waste of time.. but I just had to share this experience.

I bought a pretty expensive couch a West Elm a few months ago, signed up for a credit card, as the sales associate sold it I would receive a % of my purchase in "Reward Dollars" to later spend at the store...

First, I was pretty annoyed that they charge a delivery fee + a mandatory "white glove service" for the couch.

So, I asked the question:
"What is the point of paying for delivery + then also the "white glove service, as it seems redundant to me"

The sales associate couldn't really answer the question but said they were "forced to sell it by Corporate."

In essence, its just another revenue stream for them, I mean would they leave my couch on the curve otherwise? So, I got past that and continued with my purchase.

A few weeks later I received $225 in Reward dollars for a future purchase. I went to the store this weekend to redeem it got the counter to pay for two $44 frames(!). Had a 10% + $225 to use...
Well, I was unable to use my 10%, because the entire store was having a 25% sale. HOWEVER, my 2 frames were excluded from the 25% sale; yet, I could not use the 10% Off.
I moved past that hurdle and then presented by $225 rewards dollars.... The associate then informed me that I would be forfeiting the remaining amount...
My head actually starting spinning at this point!

Oh.. and I it got worse, I couldn't even buy something (anything) and then return for a store credit later in case I didn't want it, because in essence, anything purchased with the reward dollars can not be returned for any value.

What would be the purpose of this rule

What is West Elm's point in putting so much thought into a rewards program that at the end just takes something away from the customer, which they earned themselves on their own purchases!

I would have never opened a card, to then forfeit rewards cash which was given to me based on my own spend to start with! I would have been much better off taking my almost 3K purchase and using my usual rewards credit card for travel points.

I called the 800 line today to try to confirm, in case I got something wrong, or there was another option, or something else that could be done. Sadly, the result was, everything I stated above is correct, is their corporate policy and is exactly as it is intended to work...

Such a pitty!

I will never spend another dollar of my hard earned money to support a company/store which does not value its Consumers and can put so much effort to create a situation that just leaves people unsatisfied!
Horrible Furniture Quality!
By susan salvucci on 21st January 2016
Horrible experience! Bought several thousand dollars worth of furniture. The two sofa's started falling apart after three months. Called West Elm in July and they sent out a furniture medic in September! Well, it has been 5 months and just got an answer yesterday saying the would only replace the foam. i ordered a charcoal color and the sofa's are blue? Frame is making noise every time you sit (furniture medic agreed) fabric is NOT holding up well at all! When the larger sofa arrived it had a whole on one side. I agreed to take a $150 discount and they are now telling me by taking that discount it made it a final sale! I also purchased the hand looped rug which fell apart in 5 weeks.. I returned that as well but could only get a credit where it was over 30 days?? Overall quality is horrible and they wouldn't do anything to replace the units. Love Crate and Barrel - more money but work the cost!!
Beyond Disappointed
By S. Soika on 3rd July 2014
Ordered a table from West Elm, June 18 and could not have been more excited. Was originally going to order a table from Prelora in Pittsburgh. Looking back, hmmmm may not have been a bad idea. As soon as I hit the button to pay my 800.00 bill, the misinformation started. I was told several different dates of delivery by different agents that work for West Elm or Pottery Barn. I had asked many times to speak to someone who knew what they were talking about or someone in a managerial position and the response was "no one knows more than me?" To my grave disappointment I finally received my table yesterday and one of the legs was a manufacturer defect. I do not live in the place where my table was being delivered and I had several important people coming to spend the weekend with me and my family. The deliver guys said "Well I guess we just have to take your table and they will send you a new one." I told them that my husband would fix the leg in the meantime and for whomever to send me a new leg. The customer service agent that the delivery man had me speak to was not apologetic and not helpful. I want some of my money back and the leg to my table delivered asap. No one even contacted me yesterday from any managerial position to address the situation. It's a shame that I will be furnishing my new home at a different establishment. Please be aware of the way that West Elm does business.

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