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Last updated 11th June 2017

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By Anonymous on 16th March 2017
Just want to say. Got a WalMart credit card. $300.00 limit. Year later $1200.00 limit. Not a WalMart really near me but my grandson JUST LOVES WalMart. He is 5 and always picks WalMart. Never turn him down. Thanks for making my shopping with my little guy so special. He is the love of my life and your store makes US happy together
Bad customer service
By not a happy customer on 13th March 2017
I went to walmart mt pocono pensylvania to return a brand new vacuum that still in a box that hasn't been used nor been assembled. That I have purchase few months ago from this store. I didn't get the chance to return it right away due to work schedule that involves travel. I have run in to a rude cashier. I was told that they have policy and policy is a policy. I can't return the vaccum but I can exchange it. Then she called her supervisor and let her know that I'm returning a vaccum cleaner. She said I will have to call the eurika vaccum company. Why? I bought the vaccum in the store. Then she said I might be able to exchange it, I said so I can just exchange it..then she had to ask me why I want to exchange it. First of all it seems like thats what they wanted me to do. Since they don't want to give my money back..Then it went back again to I can't return the vacuum. While I was standing on the side, this cashier was whispering to another cashier that I'm just trying to get money from the store and I'm a liar. I bought the vacuum and I don't need it that's why I'm returning it. So I can get my money back and the store can have there merchandise back. This is the same cashier that took a worn out merchandise from another customer, give the customer refund, when I was returning other merchandise before . I'm returning brand new merchandise and they did not let me... If they have no plans to take the vaccum back, they could have just said it right away. But, they made me wait for at least 30 min. Every time I come in to this mt. Pocono Walmart the store is always dirty, sales associate are rude. But, I kept on coming back to shop in this walmart.
I will no longer shop in this store and I will make sure that friends and
family will do the same..we have a commissary and a xchange
anyways. Theres also target that is much cleaner...the incident happen
yesterday Sunday@2:00pm(3-12-17)
Colorblind and poor quality control!
By Chuck on 7th August 2016
I ordered tan towels and they sent vanilla! I ordered a calculator and it didn't work right out of the package!
Walmart has customer issues
By Anonymous on 18th April 2016
Bought a ladies watch online. Was too big. Took to local store and was told that online was a different operation and would have to return watch online. So asked to see bands that would make this watch fit. Associate said she wasn't sure. How to help with that. I asked if I found a band could she replace. She said she wasn't sure. Found a band, husband replaced. Next day, battery was bad. After 90 minutes at store, associates, total of 3, finally completed battery replacement. This was at local Walmart on Veterans Memorial Parkway, Lafayette, Indiana. We will not be returning to this store or any Walmart
shopping at mt. Dora Florida Walmart a nightmare!
By mrs. deltore on 31st March 2016
We have been shopping at this store for 8 yrs. It has gotten worse over the years. The poor customer service: being treated with little respect, no help when you need it and being talked to on a demeaning way. On my last visit I was yelled at by a front end supervisor named Clarice at the cash register who threw a temper tantrum waving her arms at me yelling like a banshee this happened on march 23rd. We are still waiting on asst. Manager Stephen to call us as he was suppose to view the video cameras and investigate her (we've put in 6 phone calls to him which he has not called us back). I was yelled at by supervisor Brenda In the electronics a while back because I had put a small stool in my cart to sit on (there were no scooters available & I waited near 1 hour for one). I am disabled _& can't shop without help. Very limited standing, bending, walking have a muscular disease with chronic pain. When I told her that I was using the small stool (which I got from the furniture dept. It was a 3 legged stool) to sit on to releive my back/leg pain a little at a time while I tried to pick up a few grocery items she starting yelling at me saying "this is walmart's property, you can't use cart this around to sit on!" She went on and on raising her voice and embarrassing me in front of the other customers! When I tried to explain that there were no scooters and that I waited up front for about an hour waiting for one and that I needed to pick up a few items and something in the layway dept. That I only needed it for a short period of time she would not listen (she knows I am disabled) she even called security on me! I left the store very upset and in tear! The store manager name Leo is impossible to get hold of so we ended calling the district office who referred us back to him. When he finally called only after the district office called him we felt that he was not taking what we had to say seriously (we asked him to review the security video so he could see for himself what happened but we never heard back from him. We don't believe anything was done about this employee's unprofessional, rude_. Belligerent manner. I feel sorry for any customer especially handicap customers who need help who end up going through what I have. There is a total lack of incompentcy, unprofessionalism from the management staff down and little if any respect for their customers. At this .Mt Dora Florida store. We have taken most of our business to Publix grocery now even though the prices are higher at least they are courteous and professional!


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