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Last updated 9th September 2015

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Terrible Pick-up from online order
By Anonymous on 6th December 2015
Staff are nice, but horrible system to pick up items that are ordered online. It takes forever because there is only 1 computer to do the look up and there are multiple steps for getting and signing off on items. It is a case study on poor management.
East point sports volley ball set
By Anonymous on 5th June 2015
Poles broke in 2 without any tension applied during installation. Hooks kept popping out and once set, actually broke right thru their socket. Purchased as a birthday present for child and never got to even use it.

The poles are too flimsy and bend and break under the simple weight of what they were designed to do. My advice: buy a completely diferent kind of volleyball set - all of these are made too cheaply.
return policy
By Mara on 3rd June 2015
I purchased a twin air mattress at the Walmart in Laguna Niguel, CA. At the store while I was living in that area, I experienced from time to time very rude and ignorant salespeople and managers. In any case, I went back to return an air mattress. I had my receipt up to that moment I went to return it, however when it was time to return I could not find my receipt. Once I got to the return desk, I explained that I had a receipt but I couldn't find it and I was okay with store credit. The Op # 06533 told me that I couldn't get store credit however I could get the same exact air mattress. I replied that the air mattress was unused and I didn't want the exact same thing. In any case, she said that that was the policy, so I crabbed another air mattress, she opened it so I couldn't return it. Once I got home I found my receipt and I realized that the air mattress they exchanged the old one with, had dog hair all over. So I went to the Walmart in Tustin because that is where I live now and explained the situation to the manager, and showed the receipt for the original item, that I had found in the meantime. Miss T was very understanding. I explained that I was not going to drive back down to the store in Laguna Niguel and refunded me the money which I turned around and spent at Walmart anyway. I am very surprised that you can find the rudest, most idiotic salesperson at one Walmart and then find an efficient one at another Walmart. I wonder why the salespeople are not on the same page so the customer doesn't have to bounce back from store to store and waste her/his time.
By Anonymous on 22nd May 2015
My order was NOT delivered by the date they said when I placed order. Cannot trust
Darboy, Appleton Wis
By Norma Tuttle on 21st April 2015
The check out guy was rude and demanded I have the ad for the ad match. His name was Mike. He said Walmart changed their policy and from now on ads were needed. I was there around 8am. We argued a few minutes as I know you don't need an ad. I only had a few things. he pissed me off so I took my stuff to another lane where the lady matched it with no problem. I had to return later that day and went thru the self service lane and the lady named Connie told me that she would check me out now as there were not many customers but from now on if they get busy I can't come through the self serve with ad matches as it slows others up. Well don't you think running up to the service desk and looking for the ads SLOWS PEOPLE up also?? You need to get on the SAME page so that everyone knows whats going on ! You advertise no ad needed so that's what it should be. Why should I have to argue with the clerk about the ad matches?? The checkers need to attend the 9 a.m. meeting not the stockers. The meeting isn't helping if they can't attend . Get on the same page as for sure you will be loosing customers


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