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Last updated 16th February 2015

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By Anonymous on 22nd May 2015
My order was NOT delivered by the date they said when I placed order. Cannot trust
Darboy, Appleton Wis
By Norma Tuttle on 21st April 2015
The check out guy was rude and demanded I have the ad for the ad match. His name was Mike. He said Walmart changed their policy and from now on ads were needed. I was there around 8am. We argued a few minutes as I know you don't need an ad. I only had a few things. he pissed me off so I took my stuff to another lane where the lady matched it with no problem. I had to return later that day and went thru the self service lane and the lady named Connie told me that she would check me out now as there were not many customers but from now on if they get busy I can't come through the self serve with ad matches as it slows others up. Well don't you think running up to the service desk and looking for the ads SLOWS PEOPLE up also?? You need to get on the SAME page so that everyone knows whats going on ! You advertise no ad needed so that's what it should be. Why should I have to argue with the clerk about the ad matches?? The checkers need to attend the 9 a.m. meeting not the stockers. The meeting isn't helping if they can't attend . Get on the same page as for sure you will be loosing customers
Mainstay bedskirt
By Rhonda on 20th March 2015
Purchased a dark brown bedskirt from Walmart. Color is fine but the fabric under the mattress is so slippery it is almost impossible to keep in place while putting the mattress on top. Every time you raise the mattress to tuck in the sheets the bed skirt raises along with it and gets tucked up too. I think cotton would have been a better choice for the bedskirt as it would have more body. Will never purchase a cheap bedskirt again.
Walmart in Schertz
By Anonymous on 4th October 2014
I purchased a supreme super sub this morning and it had a single layer of the three meats indicated in the label and NO Colby jack cheese. Very puny and flavorless sandwich. 


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