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Last updated 17th November 2014

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Blonde, Smug Cash Manager GIrl
By Not Happy on 17th December 2014
Target has screwed me over since it has come to Canada. It has deprived my mother of a job at Zellers she had for thirty plus years. And a job I had had at Zellers for two years. Nevermind all of the other people who worked there with us. Target never once thought to hire back any of the Zellers employees. In fact, if Zellers was written on your resume they wouldn't hire you, period.

Today I had a brutal experience at Target with my friend. We were literally buying three small items. We got into the first and shortest line. All of the cashes were full. There were about five open. We were in the return items line as most people there don't have as many items. After ten minutes standing in that line while this blonde, young, smug cash manager was moving other people to different lines, and trying to get more people to work cash, and failing, our cash person at returns told us she'd take a while. Since all other cashes we full to same extent, I told her it didn't matter, but then we decided to move over one cash. We did this and yet again the line didn't move. Meanwhile, this blonde, smug cash manager girl continued to try to get more cash people. And moved people around who had JUST got to cash. Meanwhile, we had now been there waiting for twenty minutes. I don't understand why she didn't just hop on cash herself, rather than walking around smugly and smiling like the world had nothing to move onto. When another cash finally opened, she took people who had literally just got to cash and got them to run through cash. When my friend and I finally moved ourselves into that line, that cash guy, Jacob, was great. However, I am very upset about this very unneeded experience at Target, Orillia. I am not happy. And that blonde cash manager girl, I tried to see what her name was multiple times, but her hair was covering her name tag. I think this should be against policy. PS that half a star is only for Jacob.
Target dissapointed me..
By Joj on 16th December 2014
On Black Friday deal I ordered a ninjas pulse blender but instead target decided to send me another blender since they were out of stock I was so mad cause I chose to order it from them than anywhere else and now I missed the deal caus they were NOT honest. Never ordering from them again.
By Cindy-Lu/K Michel on 18th November 2014
My mother ran out of her Bipolar medications after loosing her insurance not only did the Pharmacy Staff at Target Brandywine Town Center (Brandywine Pkwy) spend 3 hours trying to get her the medication she needed but they saved her $1200.00. Thank you to Maria and JEB/SMM and to all the staff!!!!!
Wedding Registry
By Anonymous on 25th September 2013
I would not suggest registering for your wedding through Target. The items are difficult to find in the store, if someone orders you a gift online and it's sent to your house it doesn't say who it is from, the registry gets messed up and I ended up getting duplicates of multiple items. Even when people brought the registry up to the counter it didn't tell them the gift was already fulfilled. If someone isn't available to sign for a package or you don't have your signature listed on the door, you may never get the package.

etc. etc. I had nothing but troubles and I would never suggest it to future brides.
Sales price advertised were just regular price
By Anonymous on 24th July 2013
Target has been advertising items weekly that seemed like on sale but in actual fact if you look behind that advertised price item (supposedly like sale item) is just their regular priced item.

Why don't Target just give customers a break by giving real sales price and not doing false advertising!!!

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