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Last updated 19th September 2017

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Something wrong in the billing department
By Anonymous on 12th August 2015
I just received a letter (8-12-2015) from a collection agency regarding a notice that I had not paid my Talbots Charge card from 10-2014. NO statement was sent or received, no phone calls received, no voice mail messages left not on my home phone, not at work. Come to find out they did not have my address correct! The only bill I ever received was in December 2014, which was paid in full! $182.00
Now it is August 2015, I am told I owed another $70.00 from December. Not quite sure how that happened-nor why they never contacted me! The collection agency has noted $331.00 due. WOW. how does one go from a zero balance to $70.00 to $331.00? There seems to be more then one problem within the credit department. I don't have a problem paying any bill I actually owe, what I am angry about is this will show up on my credit score. The time and money I will need to waste to a fix a mistake by others! To all others out there don't open a line of credit with Talbots..... you never know what is going to happen-nor when.


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