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Last updated 21st November 2014

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Top Reviews

Favorite Store Ever...
By Riley on 25th June 2014
I am never disappointed with my purchase. Great quality... still have my boots from 4 years ago that I have worn constantly.
Boho Fab...
By Mandy on 29th April 2014
Love my new Arizona Lace Dress!!! Great quality for the price. Love Spool 72!!
Best Bag Ever...
By Claire on 26th April 2014
Bought the Maverik Bag for my quarter in Europe. Love this bag. It held up thru hikes, school, trips, the beach... and now I can still use it for summer quarter. Would purchase from here again for sure.
By Becca on 24th April 2014
This is my first purchase from Spool72. I am so glad that I bought this! The sweater has a nice soft fabric with ample stretch that complements your figure. The over-sized hood makes a flattering silhouette when pushed to your shoulders. I will definitely be back for more! The medium fits me like a glove. The wrap level was perfect for my torso. My friend also tried it on (her body is completely opposite to mine) and it looked great on her too!
Cute Dress...
By Rachel on 24th April 2014
I first got a medium and it was way too big and then I ordered a small and that was big too. I'm hoping the XS will come back in stock because I LOVE this look, but it just doesn't fit right on my body :(
By Wilmarie on 24th April 2014
Great quality top! And one of my favorite things about this online store is the amazing costumer service! A+++
Great service!
By Sarah on 24th April 2014
Love my dress... and excellent customer service!
Terrible quality, terrible customer service
By on 15th April 2014
I purchased a pair of boots for my birthday from spool 72.  
I've only been able to wear them 4 times due to our horrible winter.  Much to my surprise,  the zipper totally fell apart.  When I contacted them, they basically told me it was my problem and take them to a shoe repair store.  I respect a 30 day return/damages,  but this is a quality issue. The boots look brand new! Terrible way to run a business.   
Ps.  Warning,  they won't post negative reviews on their website.
Great help!
By Melanie on 19th March 2014
My husband purchased a dress for me for our anniversary.  The dress arrived in good time… But it was too small.  I emailed spool and they were happy to help me with a quick exchange so i would get my dress in time. Arrived today! Excellent service. Thank you!
Easy to work with
By Sam on 14th March 2014
Love my new dress.  Did have to exchange it for a smaller size. They  were so easy to work with. Spanks spool.
In love!
By Taylor on 14th March 2014
Love my purchase from spool 72. Fast shipping, and friendly help. Will shop again for sure.
Customer Service?
By Tim on 19th December 2013
At the suggestion of Spool 72 I bought a gift card for my daughter for a tote that was 'out of stock'.  We waited one year and the tote was never in stock.  I emailed 'customer service' and was told there are no guarantees for items out of stock.  OK, then please send me a refund.  Not a chance, was the reply I got.  When I explained the situation, I was told I should have read the fine print.  NO REFUNDS, but feel free to pick something else from the website.  At this rate, they will not last long.
THE worst customer service out of ANY online store!!
By A girl from Indiana on 13th November 2013
I ordered the "Lodge Boots" a month ago, I ALWAYS check reviews and feedback before I purchase ANYTHING. Well this site didn't have any reviews on these pair of boots, so I thought the boots were a "new arrival" and hadn't received any reviews yet, so I purchased them and waited for arrival. It took over two weeks for me to receive the boots (I live in Indiana). When I got them, they fit true to size and the color was the same as in the pic online, I tried to wear "boot socks" with 'em but that didn't work, so I just tucked in my skinny jeans and tried to zip up my boots, but it kept snagging and the zipper almost broke!! And the boots have flaps with snap down buttons and they always come unsnapped! So I type a negative review about the boots and wait for it to be posted, days pass, and still no review! I email the "support team" on their website and I get a message back a few days later saying "the web site of spool no. 72 is being updated" and that no "old reviews" would be posted. Okay, so I typed another review, to let other buyers know how unhappy I was with the boots and waited again for my review to be posted. Another week passed and still no review,so I typed  another email asking why I didn't have my review posted, I haven't heard back from them and it's been over week ago that I typed that email, so today I typed a third email telling them, that "If a company doesn't care about their customers then they don't deserve to be in business." I ended the email with "word of mouth spreads and though I may not make a big difference in the company's loses, I'll still know that my friends and family will NOT buy from spool no. 72!! As I am urging you not to do, Do research about the products/company you're buying from everyone!! I don't recommend spool no. 72 to anybody, their products are cheap "hand wash" items that you can find elsewhere with better quality and you won't have to deal with bad customer service!!
Love this store!
By Lydia on 31st July 2013
Love the unique clothing, shoes, & accessories. Exactly my style. Feminine yet rugged. My new favorite place to shop.
Worst customer service ever
By Anonymous on 12th April 2013
Some of their clothes are way undersized and the customer service is by far the worst I ve ever experienced. They even deleted a question I asked off of their FB page that was simply asking why they werent responding to my email BIG FAT F
Products fall apart
By Anonymous on 29th December 2011
I bought a cute bag from there but it fell apart after only a couple of months and when I brought this to their attention they wouldn't give me a refund, or store credit, or offer to fix it. Pretty poor business practice. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

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