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Last updated 27th January 2015

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Great Quality for the Price
By Jess on 29th January 2015
Bought a sweater and top here that was an exact replica from Free People. The quality was way better than Free People and 1/4 the price. Excellent customer service too.
By Charlie on 25th January 2015
Love every item I have ever purchased from this store. Highly Recommended.
Happy Customer!
By Becka on 30th December 2014
After many hints my husband came thru this Christmas with a beautiful sweater from Spool No.72. It is amazing quality... better than Free People and 1/2 the price. It is my little secret. Thank you for such amazing products.
Favorite Store Ever...
By Riley on 25th June 2014
I am never disappointed with my purchase. Great quality... still have my boots from 4 years ago that I have worn constantly.
Terrible quality, terrible customer service
By on 15th April 2014
I purchased a pair of boots for my birthday from spool 72.  
I've only been able to wear them 4 times due to our horrible winter.  Much to my surprise,  the zipper totally fell apart.  When I contacted them, they basically told me it was my problem and take them to a shoe repair store.  I respect a 30 day return/damages,  but this is a quality issue. The boots look brand new! Terrible way to run a business.   
Ps.  Warning,  they won't post negative reviews on their website.

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