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Last updated 18th November 2016

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Slow shipping
By Slightly Annoyed on 2nd January 2015
Don't order anything in a hurry from the website. I had to because they eliminated so many stores that there isn't one near me anymore. I paid extra for the express shipping, and its now day 6, and the tracking order says it won't be here until Monday (day 9). It also shows that it is going via Fed-Ex Ground, and not Express like i paid for. When I called Sharper Image Customer Service to ask what was going on with my order, I paid extra for express and its taking forever on ground, she replied with well I can't do anything for you because it's still in the 5-7 day window!!?? They don't include Sunday's when the warehouse is closed. I placed the order on a Sunday, thinking it would most likely go out on Monday because the website stated 24 hour shipping, but it actually didn't leave until Tuesday.

Long story short, they take their time and don't honor your shipping selection payments, so expect it to take a long time no matter what.

Sharper Image