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Last updated 26th September 2017

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Buy Expensive Gas At Sams club
By Fool me twice on 17th October 2017
Sams club, 6066
Wow, MET Costco’s price again!!!! We will see how long this “ me too” attitude will last, my guess is not long, so be on the lookout, Sams will be the price leader shortly!
Sams gas price
By Fool me once on 14th October 2017
Costco dropped the gas price to $2.29 and Sams matched it for about 2 hours. Now Sams is $2.32. Highest price again, as usual!
Gas prices at Costco lower than Sams
By Bob on 12th October 2017
Costco still has the best gas price! $2.33 to Sams $2.38. Both were quick to get to $2.50 when the hurricane hit but Costco has reduced prices faster and further than Sams, store 6066. Are ALLsams prices higher than Costco.
By Greg on 11th October 2017
sams club was quick to raise their gas price 41 cents a gallon when Hurricane Harvey but verrrry slow to adjust it back down. They are back to $2.43 now but have been consistently higher than Costco (2.38). Costco is and has been a better value than sams. I wonder if all prices at sams than Costco.
rude customer service
By Donna West on 15th September 2017
I read where someone else wrote a review that sounded just like my experience....the worst customer service....rude, incompetent and down right hateful. I ask the girl if I needed to stop by to get a new card since my renewal had expired. She jumped on me like I had ask for a free year of supplies and when I asked to talk to someone else she told me I would talk to her or she would immediately disconnect, The 1st girl I had talked to earlier sounded like she had a mouthful of bananas and I could not understand a word she was saying.

There was so much background noise I wasn't even sure if she heard me and seemed totally uninterested or distracted. I will ask for a name and service center if I ever need to ask another question which more than likely won't happen because I do not intend to renew my membership again. I don't use Sam's that often and it is a drive for me to get to one of the stores. I feel like I paid Sam's Club to be treated with contempt.

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