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Last updated 23rd March 2015

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sammy dress
By Anonymous on 21st January 2015
DO NOT purchase from these people only way to contact is email & it won't even let me do that RIP OFF! !!!!!!! No merchandise received! !!!!!
Not as Awful as Everyone Claims. Really!
By Alice on 19th August 2014
After much consideration and thought, I finally gave sammydress a chance, and placed on order. Despite all the terrible reviews, there were many who praised the site still, so I decided to try it too (and with such low prices, it was worth it). After 2 weeks, my order came in the mail, and I was really happy with what I was given.

I'm well aware of all the terrible reviews the site gets for the shipping length, but chances are, many of the reviewers don't consider the fact that the products ship from overseas. Unexpectedly enough, my order came in over a week earlier than I had anticipated which was a plus for me.

As for the customer service, I called the store around 8 pm my time (California), and they answered my call immediately. You must keep in mind the different time zones, and should call around daytime Beijing time; their day is our night after all, so calling in the afternoon during your time would result in less chances of an immediate response. I had called to ask about the whereabouts of my order, and the lady on the other end of the line was quite helpful and patient, and she answered all my questions with no trouble.

The products that I received were better than I expected. I'd bought 6 pieces of jewelry, and each one was similar to the details and pictures given on the site, so I was very pleased with all the items I bought (for those wondering what I ordered, they were mostly the Harry Potter jewelry pieces the site has like the Time Turner and Golden Snitch necklace).

I intend to buy more things in the future, and look forward to doing so. I recommend the site, but it will require some amount of patience.
sammy dress
By Anonymous on 30th January 2014
i've read all the terrible reviews here about sammy dress and i couldn't disagree more.  i have shopped there 5 times and i honestly think they offer a great service. in one of my orders, one of the items i bought was sold out and they returned the money right away and another time i one item was missing from my order, i wrote to them and they send it quickly. plus they answered very fast in my complaint.  
By Latti on 16th April 2013
I am so FLIPPING PISSED,I spent $148.00 USD ON WEDNESDAY 13th March 2013 today is the 16th April & I have not received my items..... I paid for expedited shipping & an ADDITIONAL $21.00 USD To send the money via Western Union,the customer service is crap you have to wait 2-3 days before you could get a response telling you how sorry they are etc ........I wish I had read the reviews online before spending $148.00 USD (equivalent to $953.12 TTD which is alot of money in my country) please be careful :(
I feel silly because my bf told me not to shop online,so on top of being scammed I have to hear him go on & on about losing close to $1000.00 TTD
Terrible Shipping Price
By Anonymous on 15th January 2013
the items are cheap but the more u add to your shopping bag the higher the shipping cost becomes. they also give u an option to add insurance to ur purchase which u have to pay extra for. they have nice stuff but its not worth the extra charges.

Sammy Dress

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