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Last updated 1st February 2015

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Do not buy bath fixtures from Retoration Hardware
By Rhea Killinger on 2nd January 2015
We purchased polished nickel bath fixtures (sink, tub and lighting, towel bars etc.) which cost north of $2500.  I was told they were made in Germany and were of very high quality so you can imagine my surprise when the boxes arrived with "Made in Taiwan" and "Made in Mexico" but not a single box was labeled "Made in Germany".   I brought this to the attention of RH and what I received in response was an email listing where each item was made but did not respond to why I was told something completely different  by the sales person.  That said the fixtures are beautiful until you use them.  The tub and shower fixtures were installed and right away we found that the handheld shower which is supposed to sit upright in the cradle, falls down within 30 seconds of putting it in place.  In addition the bar has caps on both ends which cover the mounting hardware but as soon as you touch them they fall out. However, all these things pale by comparison to the lack of quality in the finish.  This hardware spots even though we are very conscientious about drying them off immediately after use.  I couldn't be more disappointed.  And, there is no warranty on the finish.  I do have polished nickel drain, overflow and flusher made by Kohler in this same bathroom and I have not experienced any problems with them.  One last comment, the bath I'm speaking of is our guest bath and is rarely used.  I'm also very carful when using cleaners.  I put them on a cloth and carefully clean the sink or tub without touching the fixtures.  I have never been more frustrated than I am with these products.  These fixtures should look brand new like they are.  I can't imagine what they are going to look like in a couple of years!

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