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Last updated 19th September 2017

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Get my Money back.......?
By Andy (Deewok) on 12th February 2014
Well, what can I say, this is the danger of shopping online.
I bought two tops for my other half for christmas.
Ok they didn't arrive on time, not end of the world, waited, asked what was going on, if weren't going to ship, then cancel and refund.
Was told a refund was being processed and waited bit longer
Having now gone back to paypal, was told as my dispute was over 45 days old, they couldn't do anything.
So after first saying were going to refund, then blah blah blah, nothing.
Whats my come back here

I can't go and bang on their door.
They took my money and I have purchased from them before, but when goes wrong, they don't want to know.
So happy to take your money, but customer service.
Forget it when an issue.
So my £56 which is what $80

Will I ever see it again

Prob not.
Certainly won't shop there again, and be careful with any purchases you make there too, my advice

Rebels Market

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