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Last updated 18th December 2014

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Customer service
By Steve Saunders Master Jeweler on 4th July 2014
When I first purchased my bicycle they told me at REI that they would go the mile to help me get it to fit to my specifications. And so began the journey of many trips back and forth to the store because my right leg is handicap and has limited motion. They took components off of my old bike and made them fit on the new bike and it was very professional the way it was done :-) :-) . Today I made the final trip to the storeTo correct the fitment of my newly extended seat post into the frame of the bike. As usual they were successful in their efforts and I proceeded to have a very enjoyable and comfortable ride. I must say these guys are really good not only do they know their stuff about bicycles but their interpersonal skills truly excel in that on certain occasions I was not in the best of moods and yet they took me in stride and never dropped their pace. These guys are a great team and they have made a customer in me for life. BTW my new bike is a Novara Buzz highbred and its perfect  :-)  :-) :-) they wouldn't even accept a tip 

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