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Last updated 13th November 2014

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Ordering through customer service
By Anonymous on 25th November 2014
I spent over an hour on the phone with three different people in customer service tonight trying to order one item from pottery barn kids. I ended up having to speak with s supervisor just to place the order. I have been a customer for over ten years and always go to the store to buy my products but this item I could only order online   Which I had problems with that also so that is why I was calling customer service. Believe me I will never buy anything online or through customer service again from pottery barn.   pottery barn needs to train their customer service employees better. I am not a complainer and if this item had not been for my grandchildren I would have just told them to forget about the order.  I was in tears trying to get this order placed. 
By Monica Aguilar on 17th October 2014
This is the WORST ever service I have received. I bought a bed in September and they have scheduled 3 times for delivery and I still don't have the bed!!!
The first time I took the day off to be at home, waited and waited, called them, they could not figure it where was my delivery, they called me back to tell me they were on route, to finally calling me at 7 pm to tell me my delivery was cancelled because one piece was missing!!! It took them the entire day to figure that out after they confirmed by email and by phone the day before.

The second time, another day I took off from work, they were running late and they finally showed up 2 hours late with only half of the pieces to build the bed! The delivery crew left the pieces there assuming the next day they will bring back what was missing, well I called and they told me they needed another 2 weeks to receive the pieces, because they were "on transit"!! what a nightmare!!
Finally I scheduled the 3rd time, and I asked them to do a Friday afternoon so I could only take half day off. Well, they scheduled it in the morning, exactly at the time I was busy with a meeting, so I have to rescheduled. The only time that it worked for them and us was in 2 more weeks!! I told them several times, I don't care if it takes them 2 months to deliver the bed, but WHY do I have to go through all these failed attempts, having to take time off from my work!! and having pieces with dangerous edges sitting in my bedroom for a MONTH where my toddler can get hurt !!!
TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE service, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. I tried to return the bed, but as I have the pieces already in my home, it was as difficult as it was to keep it. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS A WELL-KNOWN COMPANY, SHAME ON THEM
No longer shipping to my province
By Isabelle on 26th September 2014
A corporate decision was made recently to no longer ship to the Province of Quebec, while the rest of Canada will be able to receive their overpriced stuff. I tried to get answers, I was told that no other information is available. What kind of customer service is this... 
Dawson Desk
By Bette B on 2nd September 2014
This desk has been listed online for $1,299. They started a sale last week and marked the regular price up to $1,499 and then said it was on sale for $1,274. THIS IS DISHONEST! I wouldn't shop there again if you paid me. I am going to let all of my designer friends and other friends know about the dishonesty of Pottery Barn!
The best home furnishings store
By Karen M. on 12th December 2011
Pottery Barn has the most diverse and high quality product range of any home furnishing store I have used, the only downside is the prices!

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