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Last updated 19th September 2017

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Nice product - terrible service - STAY AWAY
By Still can't believe the delay on 12th October 2013
Was charged immediately for the product ($250) even though it was on back order.   4 weeks go by and I had to call to find out what had happened as I had received nothing.   They said one of the items was on back order and would be coming in soon.   2 more weeks and I get the back ordered item, but not the first item which had been in stock while they waited for the back ordered item.    I had to call again only to find the original item was now on back order.   So my order from 6 weeks ago went to fill someone else's order,  BUT I paid for it all 6 weeks ago.    Nevermind they never sent and email on either, just an update when one item shipped.      So I had to hunt down the number on line and get the same story again.   AND - the "now out of stock" item won't ship for another week and half, with a week's shipping so 2 and a half more weeks.  

Horrible logisitics, horrible communication, and have they will have had my money for more than 8 weeks before the order is completed, if it is completed.     BTW, these are Halloween items, and I order 2 months before Halloween and may not get them in time.

The customer service center was very pleasant, I must say.  Nevertheless - buyer beware - I could not and would not ever recommend doing business with this company which is a shame since they do have very nice product

Olive And Cocoa