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Last updated 13th October 2014

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Top Reviews

New dress
By Stacey on 15th September 2014
I bought a new dress, Great quality for the price, Would purchase from here again for sure.
By Anonymous on 8th September 2014
I received my items and they did not look like the picture online and fit very strange. I wrote a review and It was deleted. Decent prices but like they say, you get what you pay for.
Worth buying
By Anonymous on 22nd August 2014
I live in LA.
It is shipping from China.
The shipping only Cost 8 days.
The cloth are fashion and cute.LOL
A pleasant shopping experience.
By Anonymous on 16th August 2014
I'd love to recommend this good shop for girls. The quality of the sweater I bought from them is really good. A pleasant shopping experience.
Quality and price just right for girl :)
By Freya on 16th August 2014
I always had amazing experiences with Oasap!Quality products, cheap prices and the delivery was very quick. I recommend
I Can't Trust It
By Rose on 13th August 2014
I was way into OASAP when I initially looked into it's products. And, eventually, I made a purchase.
It came in at a good time, no complaints there. Packaging was great, price was great- however I did have a problem with one of the shirts.
And although it wasn't that big of a deal to me, I though people might want to know how itchy the shirt was because of how poorly sewn the hems that meet the mesh on it were. If people had sensitive skin then it would really irritate them, it even scratched me up pretty good.
Guess what? They deleted the review
I tried again and I promise you it didn't have any vulgarity or hostile remarks.
Yet OASAP deleted it.

I don't think I'll ever shop there again simply because everything I'll be looking at might have a problem that OASAP is covering up. I'm not going to shop from a site that deletes all of it's negative feedback.
By Anonymous on 8th August 2014
I love OASAP so so so much! Apart from the fact, that they have the best clothes, they actually have great service too. I always get my money back when I return something. Also, showing pictures will get credits!  I've been a customer since 2012 and will be for a while! 

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