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Last updated 20th September 2017

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By pricey on 21st June 2015
nasty gal should be ashamed of the MARK UP of its products. I understand everyone needs to make a profit when running a business, but the pricing is CRAZY. Customers dont go for this nonsense. buy at a better a rate.
its, um... different
By Princess Poverty on 28th April 2015
Very abstract items, and CRAZY EXPENSIVE! Site looks great and clothes are nice but prices are just ridiculous!!! OMG
By Anonymous on 20th February 2014
I'm obsessed with their founder & CEO. Seriously wish I could be Sophia when I grow up, and rocking Nasty Gal makes me feel like I'm a little closer to that goal. #GIRLBOSS
Great Style and don't believe the photos
By kellie on 1st August 2013
the photos look great but when you get the item dont be surprised, photoshop does wonders. I bought a light teal dress and when it came in the mail it was blue. and quality was terrible - other than that they should really just tone down the photoshopping. 
Love the site. Love the styles. Hate the qaulity.
By shoppingaddict95 on 23rd May 2013
I've ordered with this company about 3 times and have felt ripped off because the qaulity doesn't match the high pricing. But they're customer service is good and they do return shipping for free. Overall I like the styling and site, but spending $100 for a see through skirt or $150 for a dmanaged vest wasn't a great experience.

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