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Store located at Bel Air MD. Employee Nickie
By Pam Messina on 4th August 2014
My horrible experince at Kirklands in Bel Air MD

On Saturday Aug 2nd I visited Kirklands in Bel Air MD
They had a huge sale going on and was literlly packed.
The sales girl, Sarah was so helpful. She helped me find a shelving unit - She informed me of the 'spin to win' app. I did purchase the shelving, product id 129415. My coupon on my phone didn't scan so she grabed one she had behind the counter and honored it. I received 15% off of $199.98. She took time to go in the back to be sure she had 1 in box and got a boy to take it out to my car in the parking lot and load it in the trunk.
When I got it home and unpacked it, the front glass door was all cracked. I call the store and spoke to Nickie. She was very very rude. She said they could not deliver me another that if I wanted my money back or wanted to exchange, then I needed to bring it back to the store. I asked to speak to the manager and Nickie said she wasn't in. I asked when she would be and she indicated next week. I then asked which day and she told me she could not give out that information.

I waited about an hour and than called back to store and a different girl answered the phone. She said they did have another shelving unit in the back in a box and would put my name on it and hold it for me. She said she would open the box and make sure that one wasn't damaged and seal the box back up. She said that if it was damaged, she would call me back before the end of the night. I didn't receive any call back.

The next day, August 3rd I loaded up the damaged unit in my car and drove back to the store. Went to the register and told the sales girl I was there to return a damaged piece of furniture and the store was holding a replacement for me. She brought it up front in the box (upside down) and opened the front of the box to be sure it wasn't damaged. And it was. The glass was all cracked, just like the one I was returning. Then comes Nickie to the front of the store. Just as rude and she was the night before. Never ever did she even look at me. This was the worst sales person I had ever met. She said she could refund my money and I could go on line and order another. She said she could not place the order for me. I asked to have my 15% honored since the shelving was damaged. She said no, and that if I wanted to purchase something else, it would not be with the same discount. She never apologized for the inconvenience or was not sympathetic in anyway for my horrible experience. She just made in worst by speaking to me like I was wasting her time. I asked for a refund and informed her the unit was in my trunk. She said I would have to bring it in the store myself. I told her that an employee, just the day before had taken out to my car and actually loaded it in the trunk. She said they do not go in the parking lot. I was just so taken back at her words and her horrible attitude. She refunded my credit card and again I said, ok it's in my trunk. She told, not asked, the original girl that waited on me to go out to my car and get the shelving. I asked her if she was going to smile or apologize, still she wouldn't look at me. As I was almost out the door, she said 'I should just shut the "F" up. That was it. This girl should not be working in any retail store. SHE NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!!!!!!!
So now I don't have the shelving unit nor can I purchase it at the price I did on August 2nd.

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