Last updated 20th March 2015

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worst customer support
By Anonymous on 9th January 2015
my package arrived with the wrong items. i emailed ikea with all the information they requested and never heard back. so i called and waited on hold 30 min and gave them all the information they asked but never received replacement parts.
ikea hell
By notveryhappy on 7th November 2014
when buying something at ikea you have to be prepared to go to hell. cause that's where ikea takes you! after being given the wrong info, and then when I called (took over 2 hours) I was still at the same place. in hell!!! we bought merchandise and need the assembly. they told us at the store to do it on line. well on line, you cant book assembly, so what to do? our goods are being delivered Friday, but they cant get any assembly till next week? can we delay the shipment so it all comes on the same day? yes but we have to charge you for shipping again?!! but we were given the wrong info and we were in the store on sunday and could've done it all while we were there! sorry, nothing we can do! we couldn't even cancel the order cause they still would charge me for delivery! who said Ikea is cheap?? who want to shop in a fire hazard retailer who only knows how to sell crap and then not give any customer service?? id rather buy online and send it back than ever walk into another ikea hell store. not worth the time and trouble.........let alone the effort??!!!


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