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Last updated 30th August 2016

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Warranty is not a warranty
By Rick on 1st August 2017
I have built homes for all my life. It is sad to say that this was or is the worse transaction I have ever had , to bad it is my own home. Or I guess glad it is not a customer. It is sad that a person or family can pay extra for a warranty and at the end of the day the money we pay does nothing but take money out of our pocket we could have been supporting our family with. Heads up to any one who purchases the extended warranty , read the fine print. I have went threw the process and did the customer service out three time and then the replacement if they can not fix the issue. They never did fix the problem. I then was pushed to contact the store I purchased my appliances from , hopping for help. They were a little help, they tried more then the service company.
My issue was my ice maker not keeping ice frozen and the water leaking on the kitchen floor that is hardwood. last time I checked water is not good for hard wood floors. I was told well we don't cover flooring that is why you have home owner insurance. I assume when the product causes the issue it is there problem. To bad the people that work there are not educated and ignorant on what there selling . I was told to shut off my frig /freezer and let it thaw for 48 hours, that will fix the problem . Sorry I have a family that is not an option, how do I keep food and goods cold for the family? I was told not my problem. After many calls in outrage I was called by a Person (Justin ) who assured me he would see this issue threw. I was happy when he got me a small refrigerator to help put with the issue to keep my familys food cold. To bad after I went threw the process he never answered my calls nor emails. needless to say issue was never fixed nor did the reps reply when contacted. I wrote a email (that if any one would like to read I would be happy to forward) that the reps that assured me would rectify the issue never did respond to. To bad as I said to them they took my fams money and ran , nothing new in this day and age.
Worse customer service
By Jose on 27th March 2017
I bought a gas range on home depot and scheduled the delivery on March 26, 2017. I got a call from home depot on March 25th to
confirm my delivery the next day from 12.30 PM to 4.30 PM. Every thing was fine until then. Next day, I waited at home for the delivery and that never happened. At about 3.30 PM, I got on the phone and call to check on the delivery. The person that answered the phone said that I was going to be the last delivery for the day, and the delivery was going to happen. They never deliver my order and I did not even got a phone call from the delivery company or home depot at all. The following Monday, I called Home Depot and they did not even apologized for the inconvenience. They said that they were going to try the delivery again. I canceled the order.
I am sharing my experience with the public, so you do not BUY ANYTHING AT HOME DEPOT. They do not care about customers.
It was a terrible experience.

Home Depot rips off vendors
By Reed B. Tweendalines on 8th January 2017
I will not buy from Home Depot because they rip-off their vendors with ridiculous penalties. They claim an overage of two items with a total value of $20 on a shipment that contain over 300 items. Because they claim there is an error they assess a penalty and deduct $250. Totally unethical company
Home Depot Washer/Dryer delivery service
By Anonymous on 6th January 2016
Extrordinarily disappointing delivery. brought wrong electrical cord and it took 3 weeks and two botched appointments to get it right. I would NEVER order anything from home depot again. so angry
Terrible customer service
By Tammy, urbandale ia on 18th November 2015
Ordered a custom front door. Had to spend multiple hours trying to order what I wanted. Finally ready to have it installed and installer called the morning it was to be installed saying they couldn't install it because of rain. The area they were working in was covered and totally dry. No risk of danger at all. They never even came to see the area. I had to take a day off of work to be here for the installation and it wasn't even done. My time is just as valuable as theirs is. Would rather give my money to another company than Home Depot, will never order anything or have them install anything for me again. Told them I don't want the foor anymore and they said I couldn't return it as it was custom order. Very disgusted with Home Depot. Will travel further distant just so I don't give them my business!

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