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Last updated 3rd December 2014

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not happy
By not happy on 15th November 2014
went and bought a washer and dryer from home depot in Brook Park. waited a week for delivery. the guy that delivered the two units measured the BOX 32 inches, measured our doors and said it would not fit, when the washer was 27 inches and would go into the basement. The delivary company argued with the sales person on how pourly the delivery was handled. home depot said there was nothing they could do. we were disapointed so we went to hhg.
If the delivery company can't get the delivary right, how are they going to install it right.
Good customer service
By Anonymous on 8th June 2014
John @ service desk in El Cajon store was very helpful finding the bathroom facet I was looking for .  He called a lot of stores and finally got it for me he is the best:).thank you again!
Countertop Design and Installation
By William on 19th January 2014
This has been possibly the worst experience as a new home owner. My fiance and I went to our local Home Depot to order granite counters for our kitchen. We provided the specs including square footage, linear footage, etc. We paid for the entire project up front. The template contractor came out and verified the measurements before the install. Upon installation day, which was delayed numerous times, the contractors told us, once the counters were already removed, that the granite could be installed because the leveling was out of spec and that we were responsible for bringing it up to spec before install could continue. 

Never did the countertop consultant at Home Depot or the Template contractor ask to verify that the leveling was within the standard range, nor were we ever asked prior to the stone being cut to take a leveling measurement. If you go on the Home Depot countertop estimate, this is NOT one of the specs they ask to verify. So now, Home Depot has my $1200.00 and is saying I can either use their contractors to level for about $1000.00 more dollars or cancel my order and take a 30% restocking fee. Negligent? Entrapment of a customers money? This is not a business I would trust with home improvements or your money. 

Upon calling the store, I was met with a customer service professional in Kitchen Design who fully understood our anger and kept saying "fair enough," yet the deal remained the same. The store manager claimed because my fiance and I were not thorough enough (remember nobody asked to check the leveling or informed us that their was a range that granite had to live within) and that there was nothing more they could do. 

To this day we still do not have counters and the issue remains unresolved. Oh yea, and they still have our money!

Fed Up
By Anonymous on 8th January 2014
I will never enter into another Home Depot store as long as I live!!!!
I purchased a Maytag washer and dryer set at Home Depot, the washer began to give trouble, at which Maytag sent out a technician, which could not fix it. After about 4 visits he tells me it cannot be fixed, we fought with Maytag for about 10 months over this thing. They kept playing around until now the warranty is out, And Home Depot extended warranty refuses to do anything. I have talked to Home Depot's alleged extended warranty people, and they said YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN, I hope this detours anyone from going to Home Depot. People listen, if you buy anything there YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!!! They will NOT stand behind it!!

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