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Last updated 29th November 2016

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The company is selling fake redeem codes!!!
By Anonymous on 10th July 2017
They have sold me two fake activation codes, probably because they are going broke and can't afford to pay Microsoft for the codes. Don't shop here ever.
By nobody to them on 6th November 2015
They lost another customer, I'm done
Gamestop is the worst store ever!!!
By lx Raigeki xl on 29th August 2015
Gamestop is the worst store ever. They lie about their return policy. They give you no money for trade-ins. The service is horrible. Their product are either broke or in poor working condition. I bought a ps3 from there and it was in bad shape. The console would overheat like in 30 min. I will never buy anything from there ever again.
Fallout 4 pipboy
By Killer Cash on 26th June 2015
Omg soooo lucky to pre order one last night. I can't wait
a theee
By dave on 5th February 2014
i love this place. i am always finding the video games i want the reason why i am giving this place a three is due too a manager who is always mean and rude and disrespectful too the customers. i went back too the store ask an question and got barked at, i am taking my buisness to another gamestop


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