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Last updated 13th December 2012

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By herminio sanes on 1st September 2014
hi my name is herminio sanes and about two weeks ago I called gamestop on central ave yonkers new York to see if they carried a wii u charger they said no but told me they had one that would charge it but u could not play while charging which was fine, same day I go a purchase this item when I get home I open it to find out its a base that requires the charger for it to work. I call the store and explain to the person that I still need a charger for this item and it doesn't help me in any way, the person at game stop asking me if I explain this to the person help me, " I need a charger for the wii u" how more can I explain this. anyway I go back today to pick up a few games for my 5 year old son and my 4 year old daughter as well wanted to pick up a playstation 4 for them because of the new year school semester that my 5 year old is attending his first kindergarten session, so I try to explain to this young lady the situation with the charger because I was still unhappy and she got nasty and loud in front of my kids, now if the workers there don't know what they are selling or the simple terms " I need a charger for my wii u" simple English I think, to top it all off I was treated like they were giving me free items. so after I was yelled at, I put back the games, and left with my 4 and 5 year old crying and trying to explain to them it wasn't their fault but daddy didn't want to spend money in a place that doesn't have a bit of class and have incompetent workers that don't understand when a customer needs a simple charger. very very unhappy and sad to see my kids walk out of a store crying, keep up the good customer services! my email is if anybody actually cares about this situation! for now I will put my kids wii u pad on a base that still has no charger!
By Ethan on 25th June 2014
GameStop is the worst place to trade in your consoles or game. Such a rip off. I tried to trade in a xbox360 with an xbox Live connection cord and 8 games with it. The games weren't old either. They gave me 60 dollars, 60!!!!! I payed $160 for the xbox360 about a year ago, and the games together are worth 60... Trust me, never trade or sell your console or games. Don't let this happen to you!!!
a theee
By dave on 5th February 2014
i love this place. i am always finding the video games i want the reason why i am giving this place a three is due too a manager who is always mean and rude and disrespectful too the customers. i went back too the store ask an question and got barked at, i am taking my buisness to another gamestop
Worst Store Ever!!!
By Disappointed Customer on 29th December 2013
I will never buy another item from Game Stop. I will never recommend this store to anyone. They lie about refunds. They sell crap products!

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