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Last updated 20th September 2017

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NonReturn and bab clothes
By Anonymous on 30th October 2014
Only store credit or item exchange, buy with cash and got unfix item. Never go there anymore. Springfield Town Center, Springfield, VA.
By Anonymous on 20th September 2014
very good!
The truth from an ex employee, brutally honest.
By Shealynn Harris on 8th March 2014
Just so everyone knows Forever 21 is a great store to have, we need a store with semi-trendy cloths that we can go to on the spot to get something that'll hold you over for the day or a random beach date fast. The quality sucks, the clothes aren't meant to last long and the styles are always slightly behind but still acceptable in the fashion world. Forever 21, Papaya, wet seal and other stores like that are the way they are for a reason. In a store you can either have great prices, great quality and great fashion-- the "got ya" is every store can only have two out of those three qualities each. Forever 21 has great prices and great fashion, ModCloth for example would have great quality and great fashion. Some people who dot really care will still go for forever 21 but for those of us who want their cloths to last a long time I'd personally rather pay the price and get something that's beyond gorgeous with amazing stitching than a cheap stitch. It's just my personal opinion. 
The best
By Jessi on 27th February 2014
Have never had any problems with them. I have been shopping from them for years. Very reliable, fast shippers!
Forever 21 Online Shopping
By Anonymous on 2nd December 2013
I can sum up the online shopping at Forever 21 in one word...horrible. The price, after using a promo code that was eligible, was wrong in the finalization of the order. A confirmation email and confirmation number was never received. The customer service rep never answered any of my questions because she just kept using verbiage that I'm sure was instructed by the company. Never again.


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