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Last updated 5th October 2015

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What a joke
By Everett on 19th May 2015
I had a $2600 limit I ordered a bed for my daughter that cost $303 they never shipped it Took them almost 3 months to get the mess straightened out and I finally told him just to keep the bed and close my account
By Pam F on 7th September 2014
 Fingehut is not a shitty store. Fingerhut worked with me on my credit and helped me rebuild my credit. As like any other store if you pay off on time and or early. They will give you the credit you deserve. I had spotty credit and I'm working on my credit. I have some negative items on my credit report that I'm working on.  Which should be coming off very soon. Now that I have my paperwork about these items. But fingerhut gave me credit. Not only am I making the regular payment. But when I do make the payment I usually double the payment or triple the payment to pay it off sooner. To rebuild my credit. I do like fingerhut and I will continue to shop with fingerhut.  They were the first store that gave me credit!
i love fingerhut
By papi y fresa on 4th September 2014
ive always had good credit and ive always bought  things through fingerhut for the past 20   yrs or longer i got hooked on it when my mother use to buy when i was a little girl there products are good and are always puting new things  in the catalogs and online so  you have the variety to choose from and if your credit were spotty you can build it up through them  making your payments on time. will continue to be a fingerhut junkie for many  many more years to come!!!


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