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Last updated 1st October 2016

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Whitail extreme 1200 hunting boots
By Paul on 17th October 2014
Let me start by saying I buy 99% of my gear from cabelas and have always been happy with their customer service and products, with one exception. These boots started getting wet inside after two seasons use ( 1 week of hunting per season). They have also shrunk to the point where I cannot move my feet and toes inside the boot. No my feet have not grown( all my other shoes and boots fit the same as they always have ).These boots were great the first season (1 week) that I wore them but slowly developed the leaks and the shrinking over the next two seasons. 
who to trust
By Anonymous on 3rd January 2014
I have used cabelas for some time now and have had nothing but good service until recently.I ordered about $100 dollars worth of fishing supplies paid extra to have it here on a certain date so I could use it for a fishing trip it did not show up and still not here the day after the promised time United Partial service tracking said it was due to emergency conditions they were within 20 miles of my home on the due date and couldn't deliver so much for paying extra to have your stuff on time I think someone got it stuffed in their shorts not happy!!!!!!!


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