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Last updated 28th October 2014

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Top Reviews

By Anonymous on 14th January 2014
Im obsessed. 
Probs best store ever
By Anonymous on 14th January 2014
So for the last 3 years i always ordered my bm sweaters online in bulkb ecause  they are so cheap! The sweaters are well made along wiht he clothes and its allreasonably priced. I was so excited when pacsun decided to start  selling bm it was a dream come true. One of these days ill make it to a bm store.  Literally though nothin is better than a bm store like omg 
Brandy Melville - Corte Madera
By Anonymous on 26th December 2013
Coming from someone who works in retail, they had horrible customer service. I was in the Corte Madera store with a friend, we were the only customers in the store at the time and it took about 10 minutes for any associate to acknowledge us. Maybe if they weren't so busy flirting with the mall cop or police officer, whatever he was, the girls would've actually noticed there were other people in the store. It's a small space and there's no reason it should've taken 10 minutes to welcome us. Very unprofessional, I wasn't impressed.

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