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Last updated 19th September 2017

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bad experience with customer service
By Anonymous on 4th February 2017
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
With this review, I would like to share with you my experience of dealing with Boston Proper's Customer Service as a first time customer of them.
I had to cancel my account with Boston Proper right after placing my first order with them.
Being a new customer, I made this decision based on my experience of dealing with Boston Proper's customer service for a the very first time (seemed to be enough for me), hoping to resolve an issue with my first return. It was about how their customer service manager handled the situation and about a decision he came to according to the circumstances I had.
I found the decision he came to completely unprofessional and I feel very disappointing about Boston Proper's customer service department being inflexible, unconsidered, not willing to help, and ignorant to the circumstances of the situation I had as their first-time customer.
Not to be unfounded, and for You, Ladies and Gentlemen, to be able to be the judges of this case by yourself, here is a brief explanation of my experience trying to deal with Boston Proper Customer Service.
According to their return policy, I have 60 days for returns. My understanding was: 60 days from the moment I received my order, not from the moment I placed it. Coming back from a longer than planned business trip, I thought I am sending back my return items still on time, - couldn't do it earlier because of my extended business trip. My phone call to customer service (I needed a return label), ended up having conversation with customer service manager Richard (after talking to their representative first), who decided to ignore my explanations and refuse any type of cooperation. I explained my circumstances to him (two points: being a first-time customer, I didn't realize that Boston Proper's return policy is 60 days from the moment an order is placed, not from the moment a customer has received it, like most other retailers would have; and second, - my extended leave, longer than planned, for my business trip) and even asked for a merchandise store credit, but was refused this option too. There was no willingness to help being more flexible considering unforeseen circumstances I had, especially as a first-time customer. Manager Richard won a battle but lost a war: instead of granting me with my request for a return, which would cost to Boston Proper around $ 90.00 in the returned merchandise, he decided to ignore my explanations and refuse to help me to proceed with my return. I decided to cancel my account with Boston Proper immediately, mostly because I do not want to have any deals with the business which policy is not to be able to meet a beneficial or reasonable for its own profit decisions: I find the decision to turn back on a new customer vs $ 90.00 in returned merchandise is very short-seeing, and profitless for the business. Bottom line, if Boston Proper, does not value its customer, a customer will take his/her business somewhere else, and this is exactly, what I am doing. Fortunately, we have plenty of other apparel retailers whom as the customers we can trust and rely on their professional, friendly, understanding, and considerable care for their customers.
I decided to spend my own time to share my experience and to write this review with one intention only, - to let the fellow American people know about Boston Proper's short-seeing, and unprofessional customer service, so that other people could avoid unpleasant situations without having to deal with a business who does not value its customers and is so easily neglecting them.
By Anonymous on 25th July 2012
beautiful clothes but very pricey

Boston Proper

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