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Last updated 3rd September 2014

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Big Lots gone to the dogs.
By Andrea Boggan on 11th August 2014
I used to buy a large portion of my groceries at Big Lots. They had an excellent section of nutritionally healthy foods, like protein shakes, vibration water, low sugar etc. Recently they change the layout of the store and the products available. All that I used to purchase there is no longer supplied. I asked a manager why did this happen, her response to me is that they sell what people are buying. Apparently the majority of the population prefers high sugar, bad fat, calorie packing, poor health causing foods that are cheap to fill up on. People, a good diet is not that you have something to eat, but that what you have to eat is good for you. I have been back to Big Lots several times since it changed hoping that it is not so. Unfortunately they still have Sugar coated Cream Puffs and Ho Ho's and sugar filled soda's rather than nutrient dense products that feed the cells of the body with what it really needs.

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