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Last updated 14th September 2017

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Best Buy - Worst Service
By Anonymous on 25th August 2016
Bought a phone from Best Buy. The phone got broke within 5 days. Went to exchange the phone. Took 2 hours. Promised me the phone in 4 days but got delayed by 10 days. The customer service created my account on Best website, without my consent. I started receiving emails everyday but never received the phone.


Will never go there. There are other stores and also it;s good online.
what the....
By Jennifer on 26th December 2015
I shopped best buy on 12/26/2015 and was very disappointed, because customer service was Very Poor...Will never shop there again!!! Maybe improving customer services will improve your business. This is a shout out to best buy on lavista road....You suck!!
Best Buy New Albany Review
By Anonymous on 14th February 2015
I have been waiting almost 2 hrs to purchase a phone. Soooo angry'
Incompetent salespersons at Best Buy
By Anonymous on 19th January 2014
Was looking to buy a laptop for my 12 year son. Told the salesperson at the Rockville, MD Best Buy I wanted the cheapest laptop they had and of course he tried to sell me the next highest price from the cheapest one. I told him to pay attention to what I said and that I want him to give me what I asked for. After discussing the minimum features desired, he finally picked the cheapest one while noting it had a CD/DVD drive which was one of the features I desire for my son's laptop. I get home...low and behold the laptop has no DVD/CD Drive.

I returned two days later to exchange and the sales staff was so confused about making the exchange as well not listening to what I said I wanted, they ended up trying to overcharge my by $180 for the exchange. I corrected them stating that I didn't know that a DVD/CD Drive cost $180 on a laptop. They researched the transaction and realized they scanned the barcodes wrong on the new box and had to get help from a supervisor to get it right. So much confusion with the sales staff in this store being too much of a seller and not a seller and listener. I often wonder about those who are not tech savvy like me and how much they've walked out of this particular store not knowing if they actually got what came for or whether they walked away with more they needed.

Best Buy