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Last updated 5th August 2014

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Terrible Customer Service
By Andrea on 18th March 2016
I went in to return an air filter that I had purchased some months ago and it was not the correct air filter, the rep insisted that it was correct even after I told him the mechanic that services my vehicle said it was not and then when I asked him to go out to check the filter that is in place to verify that fact he stated he doesn't have time. I promptly asked if the air filter I had purchased that I could not used could be refunded and he advised no it could not. I told him to keep it and promptly got in my vehicle and went down the street to Advanced Auto Parts who was more than happy to assist me and check the filter to make sure it was the right one before they sold it to me. I will never go to Auto Zone again because of the poor customer assistance and the wait in the line was ridiculous. ZERO Stars for Auto Zone
Great Help
By Alphaeus on 9th May 2015
Great help. I went in to the Auto Zone,Bixby location, in need of a new brake caliper. After purchase of my items without question or having to be asked, a young man by the name of Ben took my caliper out to my vehicle & installed it for me with no hesitation!! It was a little"different" at first lol reason being I'm used to doing most of my own mechanic work but he stepped right in & got it done & in a TIMELY manner!! MAY I ADD IT WAS ABOUT 8 OR 9pm & about 30 degrees! Great guy & I'd recommend this store to anyone. Thank you Ben!