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Last updated 27th December 2016

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Amazon only ships quickly to prime members
By Prariedogn99 on 17th February 2017
So, I have placed three orders from Amazon in the last couple of months. Each time I place an order now, and say that I do not want to purchase Amazon Prime, I get shuffled to the back of the line. I have been ordering from Amazon for many years, but now, instead of shipping the day of the order, or the day after, It is six to seven days before my order is even processed for delivery! I do not want Prime! I simply want what I order shipped to me in a timely fashion. Will not be using them again.
By Anonymous on 13th April 2015
great web side lower Commission rate
Good prices, bad service.
By Anonymous on 4th December 2013
I recently made a purchase on which was scheduled for overnight delivery as I needed the items in question and am disabled so shopping in a store is a bit difficult for me. The package was shipped, but instead of using UPS Air, used UPS Ground to ship, which does not offer overnight delivery! Needless to say, the items did not arrive on the scheduled delivery date. I had to go out and buy the items locally in order to have them in time for the event I needed them for. The best I got out of's customer service department was 'Gosh, we sure are sorry" and they refunded the cost of shipping. When asked about the additional expense I incurred from having to purchase additional items, "Gosh we sure are sorry" was their patent answer. I will not use them again.


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