Color Changing shirts are amazing!
By Stacey on 28th June 2017
I just got a color changing shirt a couple days ago and it is amazing. People keep stopping me asking me about it. They keep asking me to go into the sun to show them the ink changing colors. Also the shirt is so comfy. 10/10 definitely recommend
Phones cases are B E A U T I F U L
By Mariah on 21st February 2017
I am in love with this phone case and can't wait to get another! It is so cute and I'm getting so many compliments on it! Thanks Tigris
Literally the best!!!
By Jennifer on 27th January 2017
I ordered my shirt Monday and it got to me three days later! I never get orders shipped to me so quick and the shirts are thick and good quality and the design is soooo cute! If you are an animal lover you need to check out
Save the tigers
By Guiliana on 16th January 2017
These shirts are amazing everyone who cares about animals should check them out
Save the tigers
By Jordan on 11th January 2017
nobody does it better than Tigris clothing co. They exceeded all my expectations and the shirts were amazing! The best part is that they help save the tigers
Need more!
By Janet on 6th January 2017
I love these shirts so so so much I cant wait to get more! Everyone check them out!
Best store EVER!
By Anonymous on 5th January 2017
I order a shirt for me and my sister on Tigris and first of all the shipping was so fast! Second of all the shirts look absolutely amazing the graphics on the shirt are so nice and definitely hold up in the wash and the shirt quality is great to. I love that this company is dedicated to helping to save the tigers. I will definitely be ordering again and would recommend anyone to order too!
They are awesome
By Haley on 5th January 2017
The shirts we got from Tigris Clothing Co. Not only came in very quick but they were so soft and I love the designs. They dont fade when washed and I just can't say enough about this brand and we get to be apart of saving the tigers!