Bad customer service
By Anonymous on 14th June 2017
I ordered on line, before given a change to edit, it said , shipment is on its way and charged my visa. I had wanted to use a gift card and have the product shipped out of state as a gift. I called them in 3 minutes and was told... Nothing could be done, changed or corrected. I called several more time and was told the same. I emailed the CEO and his assistant and did not receive a reply. I now have to return everything to Target.
I will Never EVER shop there again. I am so mad.
By Dianna Hurt on 5th April 2017
I have ordered sheets from on 3 seperate ocassions & evidently the people in shipping can't read because all 3 times they have sent me the wrong size for my mattress. I need 20" deep & they keep sending 18". Very frustrating to have to take back!!!! I give up & wont be recording.
By Anonymous on 25th January 2017
I went to target today to return some jeans my mom had bought me they were a size too small and I hadn't got around to returning them . Well the cashier rang them up and said we don't sale them here look then she proceeds to tell that my mom must have got them from somewhere else what

I buy my jeans from here all the time I know where they come from . So of course I go back to the juniors and find the same exact pair of jeans in a zero and needed a 4 I took them back to the counter and said look you do sale them here why can't I just exchange them out for something else she says oh sorry can't do that I then ask to speak to a manger and before I can get a word in the rude customer service lady jumps in and is like telling her manger look they aren't in here look look like I'm trying to take her pt check or the money is coming from her pay check I said all I want to donis exchange them for the exact same thing just a bigger size then the cashier rudely jumps in again , so I said ok this are online so I can have them shipped here and exchange my jeans for the ones online since they are the same and then they told me that the online store isn't the same as the store you shop in WHAT ?!?!? So I said forget it and walked away as I'm walking away the cashier continues to talk about me like I'm stupid I'm very disappointed in target and will never shop there again !!!! At least Walmart takes their stuff back
Worst Customer Service
By Michael Flowers on 9th January 2017
They have failed to deliver a product that was ordered online. They refuse to refund money to account and have lied for five days on what day it would be delivered. Then become rude on the phone, Saying that that's just the way it is. NO one in may family will ever buy from target again and I will try to convince everyone I speak to not too.
By Ms.Brooks on 26th December 2016
Dec. 26, 2016 I went into the target number 2418 at approx. 12:30 p.m. Upon entering the lane no. 12 ,where Katrina the cashier was working, I stood there for about 7-8 minutes while she waited on the customer directly in front of me before she said that her lane was closed. When I asked her why she did not tell me that when I entered the line, she stated that I should have known that that was the case, because her light was off. I can not tell you how many times I have gone into a line at any given retailer, the light may have been off because of the cashier forgetting to turn it on, or for a number of other reasons. Katrina argued back and forth, with me, and was EMPHATIC,she was not going to check me out. I had 2 very small cosmetic items, asked her again if she was going to check me out , and she just continued to insist that I should have seen the light off, and known that she was closed. I asked for a manager,. Kevin came over and told her that it was ok , that he would check me out instead, Now tell me why , in those seconds that it took to call the manager she could not have just checked me out? Kevin, as for as I am concerned, appeared to be condoning her behavior, because he allowed her to act in that manner. Actually, before I knew her name, he was reluctant to give it to me. POOR MANAGEMENT!!!! OUTRAGEOUS SERVICE! I'm seriously thinking about either shopping at another target or maybe disassociating myself with target altogether.

(store on Bustleton ave, Phila, Pa}
A employee was very rude to little girls
By Anonymous on 4th November 2016
I saw some girls just having fun playing in the toilet paper section. A employee walked by and was very rude to them and told them to leave the store. I know they shouldn't have been doing this but the person could have been nicer and told them not to do this. Instead she said "get out get out of this store now." I lost a lot of respect for Target today.
Target baybrook Friendswood, Tx
By N/A on 26th October 2016
I went to the customer service counter to return a few items. I handed my receipt and proceeded to tell her that the tags were in my bag. She ignored what I had to say. She was talking very louded and said I gues I'll have to make a tag for each item. Then she rudely said have these ever been worn. When, she was finished tagging she proceeded to be rude again raising her voice loudly again.
Terrible target
By Anonymous on 19th October 2016
I went to the target store in Little Rock, AR. It was the one on university ave.
I was so shock it looked like a tornado had gone through.
Buggies with freight setting in every isle,
All the stuff on the shelves was in a mess
Never saw a store look so bad .
It was not a fun shopping trip.
Unavailable customer service
By Iva on 30th May 2016
Today I went to target on aqua freeway and 27th Ave I waited In line as there was only one cashier working. Needless to say I was tired of waiting in the 1 long line I set my stuff down And left. Walmart it is.
Target Online Order Nightmare
By Lynda Speck-Joslyn on 30th December 2015

I ordered a $300 nursing chair for my pregnant daughter around the end of November. The order was first delayed, but then shipped shortly after. When it arrived, the UPS driver made the comment that he couldn't believe a company would ship an item that large the way it was. The box arrived bent, ripped, torn, and taped at every square inch that was possible. Upon opening the box, it was discovered that not only was the frame broken, but it was assembled incorrectly by the factory.

Upon trying to return the item, I was first told it was the shipping company's responsibility for damaging the chair en route. When I said that it was packaged incorrectly assembled. They finally took responsibility for the error and agreed to have the item returned at their expense.

I was emailed a shipping label. During this time, my daughter had her baby and then the holidays were upon us. When she got around to returning the item, UPS told her they didn't have shipping information from Target to return the item.

After calling again, I found out that we should have never been shipped the label and it should have gone to UPS. So, this HUGE mess of a box was sitting in my daughters living room through the holidays needlessly, had the original Target representative processed the return correctly.

I will never ever ever shop online at Target again --

This service doesn't even deserve a rating.
HORRIBLE customer service
By Toni on 13th July 2015
Got an email for the order I just placed and I didn't have a card in it to tell them who it was from. I tried to call the number on the email (which says call if you want to cancel - this was right after I placed the order). They, of course, couldn't put a not inside the order because the order had already started. When I asked them to cancel the order, then they said, of course, they couldn't cancel either. Why send me an email that says you can cancel if you can't. Just completely unacceptable and customer service was just as bad. Go somewhere else when you have a chance for another registry.
Cellphone Purchase
By Anonymous on 31st January 2015
Don't ever buy a phone through Target! They lead you to believe you have insurance on the phone and your carrier will be aware of it but that's bull! You pay monthly and then you need a replacement phone and your carrier tells you that you have no insurance!!! What a scam!!!!
By Cindy-Lu/K Michel on 18th November 2014
My mother ran out of her Bipolar medications after loosing her insurance not only did the Pharmacy Staff at Target Brandywine Town Center (Brandywine Pkwy) spend 3 hours trying to get her the medication she needed but they saved her $1200.00. Thank you to Maria and JEB/SMM and to all the staff!!!!!
Wedding Registry
By Anonymous on 25th September 2013
I would not suggest registering for your wedding through Target. The items are difficult to find in the store, if someone orders you a gift online and it's sent to your house it doesn't say who it is from, the registry gets messed up and I ended up getting duplicates of multiple items. Even when people brought the registry up to the counter it didn't tell them the gift was already fulfilled. If someone isn't available to sign for a package or you don't have your signature listed on the door, you may never get the package.

etc. etc. I had nothing but troubles and I would never suggest it to future brides.
Sales price advertised were just regular price
By Anonymous on 24th July 2013
Target has been advertising items weekly that seemed like on sale but in actual fact if you look behind that advertised price item (supposedly like sale item) is just their regular priced item.

Why don't Target just give customers a break by giving real sales price and not doing false advertising!!!


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