Reviews for Shop Jeen

Windows95 backpack
By Robin on 16th November 2014
Don't buy from this website!! Ordered a windows95 backpack on August 15th for back to school for my youngest child! Well, today is Nov 15 and still no backpack!! It's all a big scam!! When I emailed them in October they said they were made one at a time!! What?? Terrible, terrible!! Website says creator of  shop jeen went to George Washington University!! I guess the only thing she learned was how to take people's money!! What a dumb ass!!!!
Emoji bag
By Anonymous on 29th September 2014
I ordered a emoji backpack from shop jeen and it's been 6 weeks and I still haven't received it. I am pissed. 
Shop Jeen is great.
By Anonymous on 1st August 2014
Don't listen to the dumbass who is "claiming" she didn't get anything. I've bought from them dozens of times and received everything.
Shop Jeen Sucks*
By Anonymous on 15th July 2014
I love Lil Kim, huge fan....anyway I see smiley Cyrus wearing a cute l.k. shirt,  so I ordered the same one on the 28th of June for 58 USD plus shipping ($63 USD), I never received item, the company was non responsive, I had to file a papyal  dispute....then suddenly I get a email, saying item should arrive in a week and if I could drop the dispute...I didn't drop the dispute and have escalated to a claim because I still have no item...these people are con-artists! I will never buy anything from SHOP JEEN again, and I advise anyone with good sence and money to spend to shop else ware.

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