Lucky Duck Boutique Reviews

Very Happy!!
By Nicole on 11th October 2017
Have no complaints! The dress I ordered is exactly what I was hoping, order came within a week! I think I found them on Pinterest, I will definitely order from them again ! Very Happy customer!
By Anonymous on 9th October 2017
One hundred percent scam please DO NOT purchase from
Nothing like picture
By Anonymous on 30th September 2017
Ordered a sweater in size small. The picture showed the sweater mid-thigh on the model. The sweater was below my knees and extremely thin. Too long to even wear as a sweater dress. To hit mid-thigh the model in the picture must be seven feet tall! Misleading and inaccurate picture.
By Amy on 5th September 2017
Do not order from this company EVER. Started off great, ordered and PAID for three dresses, only received two.

Never, ever could get a response on the third dress, and to this date never received it or my money for this missing shipment.

Filed a BBB complaint. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT ORDER from this company. They do not do what they say they will. REALLY BAD!!!

Just a nightmare.
bridesmaid and rehearsal dress
By nicole on 31st August 2017
After reading multiple reviews I was a little worried about ordering, so I paid through Amazon. Received dresses in one week and couldn't be happier! My rehearsal dress is amazing and my girls are going to look beautiful!
By emma on 31st August 2017
Nothing but a great experience. My dress arrived within a week. I got notifications throughout the whole shipping process. The best part is definitely the dress itself.. beautiful and fits perfectly. I will definitely buy more!!
By grrrrr on 28th August 2017
I ordered two dresses. Only got sent one. I called 7+ times, left voicemails, emailed 4 times, texted a few times. ZERO RESPONSE. Never got my second dress or the money returned.
Lucky Duck - Just Don't!
By Emily on 21st August 2017
Lucky Duck Boutique ( - just don't! I ordered 9 items from them, and only half the order arrived. Of the items that did arrive, one was the wrong size. I called, messaged, text, and emailed RELENTLESSLY. I finally got a response from the owner, Amanda Kraynak, citing warehouse issues (probably Amanda's basement), and saying she was taking care of her sick dad, etc. Anyway, 2nd package arrived. Still missing an item - She admits to sending a "similar" item, rather than the one I ordered and claimed to have refunded the money. There was no refund issued.'s the best part. One dress she sent was an XL rather than the Large I ordered. She CUT the size tag on inside of the dress so there is NO SIZE LABEL, and she cut the size sticker on the delivery bag! And I almost forgot - I purchased 2 dresses that were supposed to be identical, just different colors. They aren't even the same name brand! One is a mock turtle neck and one is a regular turtle neck.
Do NOT order from them
By Alison on 29th June 2017
I ordered 3 dresses. Over a month went by before shipping. It wasn't until I filed a dispute with my credit card company that the dresses finally shipped. Low and behold the dresses did not fit and they promise a refund. I shipped them back and have delivery confirmation. I cannot get anyone to return my texts, phone calls, or emails for a refund. Over $100 should be refunded. I am contacting my credit card company again for another transaction dispute. But I want to save anyone else from this hassle!
By Anonymous on 27th June 2017
This company is writing fake positive reviews to offset the complaints from all the people they've scammed. I ordered a dress months ago and never got ot and never got a refund either. To everyone who were scammed out of money by these criminals, here's a way to report their internet fraud to the federal Trade Commission. Fill out the form along with the details so we can have these crooks shut down immediately. Copy and paste.
By Anonymous on 23rd June 2017
Ordered a dress. Received a dress that is NOTHING like the one I ordered. And unwearable. Don't trust the positive reviews, they are probably scams too. I am trying to contact the company and no response. Won't answer phone after multiple attempts. And no response to email.
Beautiful Bridesmaids Dresses
By Rebecca Torrea on 12th June 2017
Let me first start out by saying I have searched high and low for bridesmaids dresses that all my girls could agree on and not complain about it being out of their price range. I reached out to inquire first wish them about sizing and my experience was pleasant and personal immediately they helped provide measurements and easy ordering for all my girls by sending invoices and allowing them to do exchanges if needed. Thanks Lucky Duck!
easy and free returns
By Emily on 12th June 2017
I found this boutique on pinterest. concerned with being pregnant how the dress would fit, I ordered it in two sizes because they offer free returns. I received my order within a week and was pleasantly surprised when I saw my refund almost immediately after returning the dress I did not need
Unsatisfied customer
By Pamela on 5th June 2017
This site is a scam. Never received my order, no response from the company but they charged my credit card. Stay away from them!!!
Can't get the company to send me what I ordered
By Anonymous on 17th May 2017
I am starting to think that this site is a scam. I have been trying to reach them for weeks and can't get anyone to contact me back on an order placed a month ago. Now I have nothing for Maternity photos, I would strongly advise not ordering from this company.
Bridesmaid Dresses
By Anonymous on 28th April 2017
After reading multiple reviews I was a little worried about ordering, so just in case I paid through Amazon. Received dresses in two weeks and couldn't be happier! My girls are going to look beautiful!
By Anonymous on 26th April 2017
Total scam! Ordered a dress at the beginning of February and they charged me immediately but I still have not received my dress and it is almost May. I have emailed and called over a dozen times and have never been in able to get in contact with anyone. Left multiple messages with my order number and contact info and still nothing. Do not purchace anything from this company you will regret it!
Happy Pregnant Lady
By Carol A. on 20th April 2017
I Purchased a couple dresses from here after seeing some of their items on pinterest. I had ordered from a place or two off pinterest before like chicino or something and what arrived was just awful. I was relived to that the package arrived just a few days after ordering and aside from being a little long I am pleased with the quality of the wrap dresses.
pleased with new floral dresses
By Sarah on 13th April 2017
Was nervous after reading reviews but paid through Amazon just incase. ordered two of their maxi dresses and I am extremely pleased as the florals are even prettier in person. Arrived within a week and Im excited because I can wear one for easter! Cant speak to the customer service because I didn't have to reach out to them with any problems
By Anonymous on 12th April 2017
I wish I read these before I ordered from them! I'm just another one of their customers that never received the product and can't get a hold of them no matter how many times I call, email or text. I wish there was a way to get them to close their site so the scamming stops!!
By Anonymous on 4th April 2017
Do not shop from Lucky Duck it is absolutely a scam! I've not received my items I have not received a tracking number. I paid through PayPal so hopefully PayPal will be able to resolve my issue and refund me my money. Good luck to everyone else in getting your money back I hope it works for you.
Started out friendly, then ignored me.
By Kimberley on 30th March 2017
My daughter saw a cute sweater from Lucky Duck on Pinterest, so I ordered it for her for Christmas. All the reviews said the sweater was much larger than a normal sweater, so order smaller than your usual size. I did, but the small sweater that arrived was way too small. I sent an email asking if I could exchange it, and an email arrived promptly telling me, sure no problem, here is a mailing label. I sent my sweater off right away and began waiting. And waiting. I emailed again, and got a reply, sorry, must have been some confusion, you'll get an email soon telling you the new sweater has shipped. No email came. No sweater came. I sent more emails that went unanswered. Finally three months later, I had to call my credit card company to get a refund. I will never do business with them again, no matter how cute the clothes.
Worst customer service
By Katie on 23rd March 2017
Do not shop at Shop Lucky Duck! It is a scam! I never received my order in November and I gave them $88! I'm so angry!! I emailed them and never received a response! They are awful! I never shop online because I was afraid of something like this would happen! Save your money!! Go somewhere else!!!
Bad Business do not order
By Pissed Off on 18th March 2017
Please do not order from these Shady People Please. They are a total scam on so many levels. I purchased product from them and returned it and never received the credit. I have called I have emailed I have pursued through my credit card company and these people will not respond please save your money and move on to a more reputable site.
By Patti on 16th March 2017
I placed an order for $138.48 on 2/15. I got an awesome email from the owner stating how she wasn't big business and just trying to pay for dance lessons for her daughter and thanked me for the business. I was impressed.

A month later my first email to them I asked for a tracking number because I hadn't received the merchandise yet. I received an email saying they would look into it and get back to me in 48 hours. Five days later and several emails to both customer service and the owner.............nothing. They will not respond and no customer service phone number is listed to call.

Lesson learned, I am out $138.48 and won't be ordering anything on line except maybe through Amazon and reputable sites or I will shop locally next time.

Do NOT order
By Chris jurgens on 15th March 2017
I placed an order January 2nd 2016 and still no item contacted via email and of course nothing the 3 times I emailed. If you do order you WILL be sorry
Horrible customer service
By Anonymous on 13th March 2017
I ordered a dress from here and it came in a couple of weeks, but it was too small. They say they have a strict 15 day return policy from the day you receive the item to the day it has to be back to them, which is a rediculously short amount of time to return an item. I tried to enter my order number and each time it was denied. I messaged them three times through their contact page and never got a response. I tried to send an email but the email address is false. I can't say that this shop is a scam, because I did get my item, but there seems to be no way to contact them and I will certainly never order from here again.
By Anonymous on 2nd March 2017
Horrible horrible website do not order from them you will never receive your products!!!
Shop LuckyDuck is a scam
By Hh on 23rd February 2017
Do not order from LuckyDuck boutique. I placed an order a month ago and have yet to receive a tracking number or the shipment. They charged my card immediately.I have contacted this company multiple times over the course of 3 weeks, with zero response. My credit card company is thankfully in the process of refunding the amount charged.
Big Scam Do not shop here
By yoyo2 on 28th January 2017
First let me start off by saying please please do not purchase from this site they are a total scam on so many levels. I purchased product from them and returned it and never received the credit. I have called I have emailed I have pursued through my credit card company and these people will not respond please save your money and move on to a more reputable site.
Biggest Scam ever; do not shop at this place
By yoyo on 28th January 2017
First let me start off by saying please please do not purchase from this site they are a total scam on so many levels. I purchased product from them and returned it and never received the credit. I have called I have emailed I have pursued through my credit card company and these people will not respond please save your money and move on to a more reputable site.
Never received package!!
By Anonymous on 13th January 2017
I placed my order December 5, 2016. Lucky duck promptly took the money out of my account. Today is January 13, 2017 and I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY PACKAGE. When I check the tracking information, it says they have not been shipped! I have emailed them twice and have never gotten a response. I'm furious. Don't shop here
By Johneen on 21st December 2016
I placed an order November 10th....I called, I tried to live answer. I finally got a package yesterday with ONE item in it and I ordered and pad for TWO. Now I am trying to get in touch with someone. About to call BBB. What a shame because the clothes are nice.
Best to steer clear
By Anonymous on 8th December 2016
I took a long time for my items to be shipped to me, about 4 weeks. I thought I was being scammed. I tried contacting them in many ways and never got a response from them. When my items finally shipped, they offered their apologizes and gave me a $10 gift card. I won't recommend buying anything from there because it takes a while before you receive it and can't get in contact with them.
Do not order from this shop
By Anonymous on 2nd December 2016
Still waiting 3 weeks from time I ordered. I sent email saying to cancel order. I disputed with my credit card company bc this appears to be scam site. They don't answer phone when call. I now get an email saying shipped. I bought for my daughter':s school dance for tonight and shipping shows it will be delivered tomorrow. Day too late. I ordered with enough time to have before dance. Waste of money
By Anonymous on 15th November 2016
Do not order from this company ! It is a complete scam.
Good Dresses for the Price
By BK on 29th October 2016
found from ordered 5 dresses. got 30% off using code 30678012 dresses arrived about a week after I ordered. return process for one of the dresses that didn't fit was easy so I will probably shop again in future
Nice Sweater
By Dawn S. on 28th October 2016
Ordered from them for a gift for my daughter that she had found on pinterest. Stated in the notes when I needed it by and that it was a gift. Package arrived already gift wrapped and with a nice little card Daughter loves sweater
Extremely poor service
By SC on 27th October 2016
I ordered 3 weeks ago and still have not received my item. After my first call went unanswered I got an email notifying me that my order was staged for "pre-shipment". When it never got out of pre-shipment, a week later I called again, didn't talk to anyone, and miraculously my item arrived at the post office at 11 PM that night. Still no return call and no item.

Will never shop again!
Customer Service with a Real Person!
By Susan on 26th October 2016
I had a question about the fit of a sweater I saw they had advertised on pinterest. after sending an email I decided to call because the listing read limited stock. I was shocked when a real person actually answered the phone to go over measurements and describe the fit with me.
Fast Shipping
By Sarah on 23rd July 2016
Ordered two dresses (Lunch in Paris dress & creme de la creme maxi) for an upcoming trip. ordered last friday and received them this tuesday. Very pleased with the quality and love the wrap style - will def be ordering more of their wrap dresses
Crap store
By Anonymous on 6th June 2016
This store is a scam made my order they took my money and I haven't received anything.
Do not shop here
By Anonymous on 15th April 2016
I have not received my order. They took my money and they have not returned any of the five emails or two phone calls I've made. When I went to Facebook I saw all these comments of the same thing from different people. This is a scam and do not order from them.

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