By Anonymous on 17th March 2016
It really does bother me knowing that people still order from this site and it isn't closed down or something. The products are kind of cute yes but there are much better items at stores all around; even Walmart has better clothes than FreshTops
Never again
By Anonymous on 17th March 2016
I bought a crewneck sweatshirt from FreshTops recently. I ordered it and paid almost $50 for it (not including shipping) and it took almost a month and a half to get here. Okay, whatever, at least I received my product. I opened the bag it came in and took it out and it was much smaller than I anticipated it would be...I had ordered a large and this fit more like a medium would and if you're like me, you don't like your sweaters to be skin tight. It is also not the best quality product out there. So in the end, I did get my product, but they sent me the wrong size and wouldn't do anything about it. A lot of the clothes on their site are cute and nice looking, but it's probably easier to just go to a store around you and ask them to make that design for you.
worse customer service ever!!!
By Pedi on 8th February 2016
I wish I had read the reviews before I place an order with this company. The worse customer service ever, called the phone number and was told they are not receiving calls. Emailed the company and no response from them either. And the on line chat never has a representative working. Save your money!!!
Fresh_Tops takes the money. Doesn't ship product
By No repeat customer here on 24th January 2016
We ordered a shirt on 12/11/15 from Fresh_Tops. It was to be a Christmas present for our daughter. Fresh_Tops took $22.00 out of our account for the shirt on 12/14/15. I'm writing this review on 1/23/16. We have sent numerous emails (they apparently can't afford to put their phone number on their website) to inquire about the shirt and when we can expect to receive it. Fresh_Tops response is for us to check the tracking number which,of course, we have been doing all along as we were expecting the arrival of a shirt, hopefully before Christmas. We were becoming concerned because Fresh_Tops had already received their money and we not only didn't have the product we paid for, we also got the run around to check the tracking number. The tracking number, to the date I'm writing, simply says "preshipment info sent to USPS". So the shirt has not been sent and Fresh_Tops keeps telling us to check the tracking number. I feel we are getting the run around from them, they say the "shirt should have arrived by now". I couldn't agree more. Its been about 44 days since we ordered the shirt & 42, or so, days since they received payment.
Don't order from this joke of a company. Do your research on the internet about this company. They have a horrendous track record of this very thing about which I write. Look it up. Google them about service and not sending items after receiving the money from the customer.
I will be reporting Fresh_Tops to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. There are laws that protect customers from companies who take the consumers money but don't send products paid for.
By Anonymous on 21st December 2015
Don't ever buy from Fresh-Tops....ordered back on Dec. 09....they charged my CC and I never received the order. My account stated "order not fulfilled" but no notification was ever given nor was a refund. I have tried to Contact them and no reply. Now I have to dispute with CC. Thieves!!!
And it is Dec. 21 and I don't have the gifts my daughter wanted :(
This Business is a BIG Rippoff!
By MMM on 11th December 2015
Ordered 3 sweaters for a b-day on 11/6 for $80. The company posted the payment on 11/9. They sent an email on 11/16/2015 that a label was created at USPS from Las Vegas. Then they provided a tracking number. Checked the tracking # and it said it was in pre-shipment on 11/26. As of 12/11/15 the package has been stuck in Vegas since 11/26. The phone number they have on the website does not work. I tried emailing them and they never respond. The only way to get them is via chat on their website and the good for nothing Rep that chats with you keeps giving false information from the company such as switching to a new building, to the they just dropped of the package at USPS to the "Killin it" tshirt is holding up my order...which lie is the truth ? I don't know how Fresh-Tops is still in business. When I researched them after the fact they have over 52 complaints at the Better Bus. Bureau for product sucks to delivery problems. Mine will be the 100th complain. They are a rippoff company and should be OUT OF BUSINESS. As of today I still have not gotten my order. I paid $80 and lost $80. Had I known this company was a rippoff and scammers I would never have bought from them. My daughter liked the tops and that is why I ordered from them but BUYERS BEWARE..RESEARCH THEM and DO NOT BUY. THEY ARE SCAM ARTIST! At this point maybe someday I will get those tops I paid for..maybe the guilt will rot in their in minds and magically I will get those tops. Yeah Right!
By MMM on 10th December 2015
Placed and order on 11/6. They posted the payment my account on 11/9. They sent USPS created label email to me on 11/16. The tracking info said a label created since 11/16. The later it said pre shipment rec'd on 11/26. As of 12/10. The package never left Las Vegas where FreshTops is located. Tried calling but they don't pick up the phone. Tried emailing and they never respond. Then tried chatting online at their website but the poor excuse for a Rep just keep saying "it's in the shipping process??". I got so sick of that word. I think it's a computer generate chat. They have one excuse for each time I contacted them via chat. First, it was relocating to a new building, then they are working on the on and so on. I paid $80 for 3 sweaters and still don't know if I will ever see them. For a company that is located in the U.S.A we should not have to wait over 2 months for any product. Why are these scammers still in business?? I have contacted the Better Bus. Bureau about them. When I ask the chatting poor excuse for a Rep for the owners name and response from her. How can this business keep going. My kid will be disappointed because she expected the shirts for her b-day. They are bogus and a bunch of losers and scammers. That is why they have the business in Vegas. They kept telling me the shipment is coming to me and it never does. They told me the "killin it" t-shirt was holding up my order but before they told me the order had shipped..why are these people lying? Do they have any HONEST person work their. They took the money and continue to scam folks like us. Do you homework people..don't do business with FRESH-TOPS! they are bunch of scammers working in Vegas. I am out $80 and have to look for another gift for my daughter. Hopefully, people will research them before they buy. DON'T BUY FROM THEM. GO ELSEWHERE!
By Anonymous on 28th September 2015
Unprofessional, ridiculous, and a waste of time. That's all I can say without getting outrageously angry at how shitty their service is.
By Anonymous on 14th July 2015
They are the worst, they have HORRIBLE customer service and rip off other great companies. DO NOT BUY !
Fresh tops
By Jan winters on 29th June 2015
All I can say is awful service.
By Anonymous on 21st June 2015
This shop is such a scam. They sell clothing with big brand labels such as Nike and Adidas without permission and steal designs from smaller shops.
Theft, they steal other people designs
By Anonymous on 16th April 2015
We have proof that they are stealing our designs posting on their website with apparels, even our photos with happy customers wearing our designed shirts. What a terrible managed company run by a so-called 'Entrepreneur" Nella Chunky who attended Columbia Business School.
Charged Account, Never Recieved Item
By Anonymous on 21st March 2015
I ordered a few sweatshirts online over a month ago. My bank account was immediately charged and I never recived the item.
What a JOKE!!!
By Anonymous on 28th January 2015
Fresh-tops is a total JOKE. Don't even bother with them. Rude! Over-priced for low quality shirts. Should of done my research before I let my daughter ordered!!!!
By Frustrated Mother on 13th January 2015
I just now read the reviews and have  had a similar experience as others. I placed an order for one shirt for my daughter on December 19th, 2014. I knew because of the holidays it would take up to two weeks to get my package because that's what their website states. On December 30th, I got an email saying my package has shipped, but like other reviews I read, it didn't; only a shipping label had been created according to the tracking information. After checking back several times and seeing no change, I emailed them shortly after the first of the year to see what was going on, and got no response. I emailed them again about a week later on January 12, over three weeks after I placed my order, and got a response that night basically telling me that a shipping label has been created and it can take up to five more business days for my order to even leave Las Vegas...but thanks for being patient! WHAT A JOKE! I emailed them back right after I received the email (because they don't have a number to call) and asked to either ship my package the next day, or cancel my order and just return my money, but have yet to receive a response. And after reading all the reviews I am seeing this is a reoccurring event. IMO...don't waste your money. 
Do NOT let your tween daughter choose from FRESHTOPS
By PA mother on 5th January 2015
My tween daughter is just now starting to "shop" on the internet after reading "tweets" about this or that style and company. She wanted new shirts from this new website 'FRESHTOPS" that had one-of -a-kind merchandise. After much deliberation, I said she could order 4 tops. Merchandise is quite pricey............$34 for a crop top? But I gave in, and allowed her to order. I was sent an e-mail saying the items were shipped. However, when I tried to track my order, it said it couldn't be tracked. I tried calling, however, there is no telephone number! The number I found on the internet says "No longer in service". According to my shipping, my package was labeled on Dec. 30th which was a week ago, and hasn't moved since. I did e-mail the company and they responded with shipping taking longer because of the holidays. This I understand, however, it is now January 5th! I ordered 38 different items from 10 different companies over the holiday and I have received every order EXCEPT the order from FRESHTOPS. I even got my daughter's belly button ring that came from a company in Hong Kong!!! I don't like not being able to call a representative to check on my order. I don't like that I can't track the order and I have no idea when my items will arrive! I hope my items get here soon because my daughter is getting irritated and so am I. Doubtful that I will ever order from this company again. If you do, good luck!
Fresh Tops
By Anonymous on 18th November 2014
Really amazing website, Quick Shipping, great customer service. Love their store
Fresh Tops
By Anonymous on 18th November 2014
Awful customer service. Rude ignorant people who do not know how to write a polite email to a customer. They sent the wrong t shirt then proceeded to tell me if I didn't put the correct RA number on the invoice they would charge me a 30% restocking fee!! Seriously, you idiots!!!

Why didn't you send the correct item in the first place.
They will never get a penny of my money.
By Anonymous on 21st June 2014
Great quality. Slow shipping :(
Fresh tops - worse customer service experience
By Anonymous on 12th March 2014
The worse customer servie experience ever! Purchased very expensive top (50.00) that my daughter wanted for a special occasion with a defect, Called customer service asked if they would ship another top out. Fresh tops said no - not until they receive the defected one - ugh sent the defected top back (the return label had inadequate postage) so i had to pay additional charge.

Bottom line - the manager or owner state they won't talk (deal) with customers. She said I wouldn't receive the exchange for 14-21 days...really

Freshtops loses my business- Penney wise pound foolish. I will never order from Freshtops
By Adrianna on 23rd February 2014
Some cute finds, but a lot of hideous ones too. Prices are high, but they are novelty-like clothing items. Great for showing off a distinct love for ex. your fave band, movie, etc. Some of the clothing are ridiculous though and some have ridiculous pricing. Shipping costs are high if you live outside the USA. Items shipped relatively fast. 
WARNING: Do NOT purchase from
By Anonymous on 27th September 2013
Worst customer service I have ever encountered with an online shop. Purchased 2 tops for a total of $69 - one of them arrived and looked NOTHING like the picture. Colors were completely different. 

I realized later that they edit the images they post of the website - so none of them are the actual original garment. 

Decided to return them both. They received my shipment, and now I have been emailing them back and forth for a month now trying to get my refund, which they have not processed!!

Now I am getting no replies and am disputing it with my Bank. What a nightmare! I feel scammed.


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